Trakway panels can be used to create temporary roadways across delicate or undesirable surfaces or to increase the load bearing of existing flooring.

Trakway panels are designed to with stand the load of heavy vehicles and plant machinery but light enough to be installed and maneuvered by a crew of 4 – 8 people.
Trakway panels are your safe choice for when constructing temporary roadways and protecting underlying surfaces.
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  • Protects underlying surfaces from damage caused by heavy vehicles such as forklifts, cranes and also trucks.
  • You have the choice to install it by hand with a group of 6-8 people using Trakway handles or with a forklift using the Jib forklift attachment.
  • Trakway panels can be installed in long straight runs and also side by side to create a larger protected surface.
  • All panels come with a slip protective gtooved surface.
  • Roadways for heavy vehicles.
  • Under/Front/Back of Stage vehicle access, storage and also ground protection.
  • Access bridges across unsuitable driving surfaces like ditches, divots or even uneven ground.
  • Driveways.
  • Vehicle parking.
  • Wet weather contingency.
  • Increasing load capacity of stages, paved and also other surfaces.
Dimensions: 2.20m x 3.00m x 0.05m
Weight: 168kgs per panel
Material: Aluminuim
Load Capacity: 139t per m2
Truck(13.6m): 100panels (660m2)
Install Procedure(Jib): 1 x Forklift operator – 1 x Forklift w/jib attachment – 2 x General Hands
Install Procedure(Handles): 1 x Forklift Operator – 1 x Forklift w/Long Tynes – 8 x General Hands