Roll Away is a lightweight, strong and simple product to be installed.

1m squared of Roll Away flooring can withstand approx 40 tonnes in weight and is installed within minutes. Roll Away is the most effective temporary roadway for use by heavy vehicles and machinery to access delicate surfaces such as stadium pitches or grass prone to wheel bogging.
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  • Extremely fast installation and also removal
  • Protects the underlying surface from damage caused by heavy machinery/vehicles like Forklifts, Cranes and also Trucks
  • Roll Away also connects to Trakway panels to create temporary extensions to existing pads
  • Modular in design our Roll Away can come in all sorts of lengths of 10, 15, 20 and also 25 metres
  • Non-Slip surface to ensure that it is pedestrian friendly even when the surface is wet
  • Temporary roadway for heavy vehicles/machinery
  • Under/Front/Back of Stage temporary vehicle access
  • Wet Weather Contingency
  • Driveways
  • Extending Protected Surfaces

Dimensions: (L)15m x (W)3m x (D) .50m
Weight: 850kg
Material: High Grade Aluminuim
Load Capacity: 40tonne per m2
Transport Requirements:
Semi Trailer: (13.6m) : 240m or 16 rolls (13,600kg)
Medium Rigid: (8m): 120m or 8 rolls (6,800kg)
Handling: 2.5 tonne Forklift with Back Tilt
Installation: 2.5tonne forklift with Foward and Back Tilt Functions & 2 x General Hands